Upcoming workshop: Exploring the Workflow & Human Machine Interface of the COPKIT’s EW/EA eco-system

As the new year begins, the project continues developing its technologies to support law enforcement in their fight against organized crime.

The COPKIT partners will meet in Delft, Netherlands, on 13-14 February 2019 for their third workshop to explore the analysts’ workflow identified by the consortium during the previous meetings and move forward with the user-centric design for an HMI (Human Machine Interface). This HMI will support the analysts’ daily task workflows and mental needs when they use the Early Warning / Early Action technological system. The workshop will be kindly hosted by our partner, Thales Nederland, COPKIT’s technical manager.

The two-day event will also help the technical partners fine-tune the security requirements. The working groups and general discussions will help design the rationale behind the HMI and configure it according to the LEAs’ needs.

Privacy and ethics issues will also be tackled during the workshop to ensure COPKIT’s technologies and applications comply with the legal and regulatory environment and data protection and ethical norms.