JOIN THE COPKIT FINAL CONFERENCE – Intelligence-led approaches and analytics in policing

WHEN: 16 September 2021

WHERE: Madrid, Spain and online




Terrorism and organised crime are evolving phenomena with high societal impacts. The use of new technologies by organised crime groups, terrorist groups, or criminal individuals strengthens their capabilities to support their activities (financing, laundering money, recruiting, planning a terrorist attack, identity frauds) and committing crimes anonymously.

Moreover, these organizations are often at the forefront of technological innovation for planning, executing, and concealing their criminal activities and the revenues stemming from them, while Law Enforcement Agencies (LEAs) are lagging behind.

Over the past three years, the COPKIT project has been developing new technological solutions to support LEAs in analysing, preventing, investigating, and mitigating the use of new information and communication technologies by organised crime, thus enabling LEAs to stay ahead of the curve.

On 16 September 2021, COPKIT will hold its final conference as a hybrid event which will take place in Madrid, Spain, and online for external participants.

The morning session will be dedicated to the COPKIT results with demonstrations of the tools, as well as our approach to addressing ethical, legal, and privacy issues, followed by a session presenting our vision for the uptake of the COPKIT tools.

The afternoon will be organised as a seminar in collaboration with related H2020 security projects including presentations and panel discussions around three main transverse themes:

  • Fight against Crime and Terrorism (FCT) Domain Knowledge Representation, Towards a Shared View
  • Facilitating the Uptake and Further Use of Policing tools
  • Real and Open Research Data in the FCT Domain

For more information, see the detailed agenda here.



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