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The COPKIT project focuses on the problem of analysing, investigating, mitigating and preventing the use of new information and communication technologies by organised crime and terrorist groups. For this purpose, COPKIT proposes an intelligence-led Early Warning (EW) / Early Action (EA) system for both strategic and operational levels. The project duration is 36 months (from 2018 to 2021).

Apply new EW/EA-led policing technologies for improved situational awareness

Develop a toolkit for knowledge production and exploitation in investigative and strategic analysis work to support the EW/EA paradigm

Ensure that the new tools, detection capabilities and knowledge-sharing respect EU data protection regulation and ethical principles

Develop innovative curricula for educating and training LEAs for the methodological and workflow aspects of EW/EA-led policing


COPKIT project is co-ordinated by Isdefe, which is a state-owned company property of the Spanish Ministry of Defence. The consortium is made up of 16 partners from 13 countries with different profiles and expertise in several domains, including law enforcement agencies, industry, academia and research and technology organisations.

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