COPKIT’s sixth webinar: Ethics, privacy and responsibility by design – a collaborative approach

We are delighted to announce that on 31 March 2021 at 11:00 AM CEST (10:00 AM BST), COPKIT will be having its sixth public webinar on “Ethics, privacy and responsibility by design – a collaborative approach”.

The COPKIT project brings together law enforcement, industry and academia to create an intelligence and knowledge ecosystem for law enforcement agencies, in order to support prevention, investigation and mitigation in the context of the fight against organised crime and terrorist organisations.

Terrorism and organised crime are evolving phenomena with high societal impacts. Increasingly, criminal organisations use new technologies to strengthen their capabilities to support their activities, such as phishing kits and malware. The COPKIT project aims to provide new technological solutions to support law enforcement in identifying “weak signals” or trends and send alerts about new risks. Nevertheless, the development and use of technology in the context of policing raises several ethical, legal and societal questions with serious implications for the relationship between law enforcement and citizens.

This webinar aims to discuss ethical, legal and societal challenges in research projects focused on security, such as the COPKIT project. We will explain how the COPKIT partners apply responsibility, ethics, human rights and privacy by design in the technological solutions in order to ensure that our tools are ethically acceptable and socially desirable. We will do so by presenting the COPKIT approach to integrated ethical, legal (including data protection) impact assessment and our main findings. The webinar will involve a dialogue with the technical partners, ethicists and lawyers sharing their experience collaborating together on addressing ethical, legal and societal challenges related to the development and envisioned use of COPKIT as a law enforcement investigation tool.

This is the sixth of a series of webinars organised by COPKIT for Law Enforcement Agencies and other relevant project stakeholders. It is free and open to everyone.

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