Exploring Law Enforcement Agency needs and the requirements of new technologies – COPKIT’s upcoming workshop

What are the technical requirements of new technologies for Law Enforcement Agencies to stay ahead of organised crime and terrorist groups? And what are the legal and ethical implications? These are but some of the questions that will be addressed during COPKIT’s first workshop.

COPKIT is pleased to announce that a two-day workshop will take place in Sofia, Bulgaria on 18-19 September 2018.

The workshop will bring together Law Enforcement Agencies (LEAs) and practitioners in the field to define and discuss the technical, ethical, legal and societal requirements for designing COPKIT’s toolkit, which will support the Early Warning (EW)/Early Action (EA) ecosystem that the project aims to establish.

The first day will focus on analysing the different use cases brought forward by the LEAs, analysing the technological factor in the present and future of organised crime, and identifying the technical requirements based on the current technology gaps and LEA needs. This first day workshop will be led by Spanish Guardia Civil and French Gendarmerie Nationale, both ofthem COPKIT partners.

On the second day of the workshop, COPKIT partners will discuss the outcomes of the “Current work of Practice” questionnaire (previously filled in by participating LEAs), which will provide an understanding of analysts’ daily task workflows and identify the functional requirements needed to co-develop the Human Machine Interface (HMI) prototype. Brainstorming sessions and drawing exercises will help design the rationale and initial sketch of the HMI. This session will be led by Thales Nederland, COPKIT technical mamnager.

Privacy and ethics issues will also be tackled during the workshop by consulting LEAs and discussing measures to ensure COPKIT’s technologies and applications comply with the legal and regulatory environment and data protection and ethical norms.

The workshop will be kindly hosted by our partner, the General Directorate Combating Organized Crime – Ministry of Interior of Bulgaria (GDCOC).